Here Are 5 Types of Offers, Discounts and Deals That Will Drive Traffic in Your Store

Here Are 5 Types of Offers, Discounts and Deals That Will Drive Traffic in Your Store

Millions of customers are looking for the best deals when shopping. Hence, presenting offers, discounts and deals will make your store achieve its goal. A customer will make a purchasing decision from your store if they see more value in your products. Assuring them of discounts, you will get traffic in your store and increase your sales. Let’s have a clear view of the types of offers you can use to enhance customers’ experience:

Free shipping

Free shipping is the number one option that will drive a customer to make a purchasing decision. Most customers will add products to their shopping cart to get free shipping. If you offer free shipping in your store, more customers will wish to purchase from your store. However, lack of this offer will make customers check out from your site without purchasing anything.

Cash discounts

Cash discount is the most powerful incentive that will drive traffic in your store. You can decide to lower the price of a product for a given time or return some cash to the customers as a discount. Most customers take advantage of a cash discount because it is for a given period. Hence, introducing cash discount in your store will help you increase your sales.

Value-added offer

Apart from offering cash discounts in your store, you can add an item to the customers for every product they purchase.  Also, you can use the slow-moving item as a value-added offer to your customers. With this, you will be enhancing customers’ purchasing experience, and they will add more items to get more offers.

Membership-exclusive rewards

At times you can reward your fans and customers by giving them a special coupon. By doing so, you can make them focus only on purchasing from your store. Also, they can share the coupons with their friends and families which will in return bring profit by purchasing items from your store.

Cross-sell discounts

This incentive plays a vital role in motivating customers to buy more products from your store. You can send a coupon code to them through their email and assure them of additional products during their next visit. By doing so, you will be converting them to return customers.

Wrapping up

To make more customers wish to purchase from your store, you need to make your offer simple to understand. You can make these offers known to the public by posting on social media, advertising it on your website or blog. With this, you will be driving traffic in your store.

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